Waiting, Not Running

Posted: 18 August, 2016 by Victoria K.
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Coffee With Spurgeon - Waiting Not Running

Blessed is the person who truly waits upon God all the days of their life. Blessed is the person who waits for God’s perfect timing; who serves Him with expectant joy and contentment in their heart as they pray unceasingly. For when our souls are waiting rightly before God, we are showcasing a most beautiful picture of a creature before their Creator, a servant before His Master, and a child before His Father.

To wait rightly is not to dictate to God that your own will to be done, and it is not to complain about the way God accomplishes His purposes here on earth. Nor is it to constantly criticize His methods. We are not to act like spoiled children, throwing temper tantrums when we don’t get our way or look at God with suspicious eyes and rebellious hearts.

To wait rightly also means that we don’t run around like chickens with our heads cut off, grasping at any random opportunity or any empty promise in the name of trying to assist God with His divine purposes.

The one who does these things, is not in a place of true dependence, where their soul waits quietly upon God.

As we wait, God calls us to seek His presence, not just the byproducts of His presence.  As we wait rightly, we are blessed with peaceful assurance because we know that God is able and willing to rescue us, whatever the case. With firm faith, we are to have full confidence that God knows our situation and is able to deliver us in our day of need.

We also know that God alone will bring about our deliverance for He does not share His glory with any other. And He will do it in His timing and in His own ways. Let our souls peacefully rely on Him, especially when we don’t understand. God will rescue us from doubt, suffering, distress and from those who deal falsely with us.

Even when we do not see our coming salvation with our physical eyes, let us be satisfied to look upon God’s will with eyes of faith, remembering that it is rooted in His love and faithfulness. As sure as the rising sun. God will not fail to come to our rescue. Before long, as faith comes to sight, we will praise Him for the mercies that are new every morning.

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Modern Adaptation of Waiting, Not Running from Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry by C.H. Spurgeon.